The Ferdinand Community Center is located in the hub of the Ferdinand community and provides over 10,000 sq. ft of rental space for a variety of events and celebrations throughout the year. The center was created by a community effort that raised funds through donations and lifetime memberships, totally tax free.   Currently the FCC has signed over 900 lifetime members, along with many donations to create one of the finest facilities in the surrounding area.  The facility hosts over 40 weddings and other major celebrations annually along with monthly meetings for various clubs in the newly expanded Mobel Room.

The Ferdinand Community Center opened its doors on September 2, 1989.   After nearly 5 years of fundraising through donations and lifetime memberships, a group of community minded citizens raised enough money to proceed with the construction of a 13,000 square foot facility.

After thirty-five years of operation, the facility has gone through a number of recent upgrades including a new exterior paint job, new floor surface, new landscaping, meeting room expansion, and sealing and striping the parking lot.  

Thanks to a significant donation from the Mobel Foundation and the Art Ruhe Family, the FCC board voted to expand the Mobel Room in March of 2021.  The new addition which was completed in six months on November 1, 2021, doubled the size of our existing room and also added space for two restrooms, a storage area and utility closet.  Our new space can now accommodate up to 180 guests and makes a nice compliment to large weddings and is ideal for smaller weddings, meetings, and family parties.  We are also grateful to the Dubois County Foundation and a collaborative effort including the Ferdinand Community Endowment, the Ernie and Olivia Weyer Family Endowment, The Seufert Construction and Supply Co. Endowment, and the Fund for Dubois County.  We also received support from the Jim and Laverne Uebelhor Endowment and other individual donors.

The current volunteer board of directors include:  Lee Begle, President, Andy Olinger, Vice-President; Randy Greulich, Secretary; Ken Pund, Treasurer; and Board members, Don Mohr, Greg Dilger, and Brett Schipp.  Reservations and inquiries can be made by calling the Community Center at 812-367-1989 or by emailing fcc@psci.net.


Ferdinand Community Center

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