Rental Rates

FCC Hall Rental Rates effective 11/01/2021 through 12/31/2022

                                                                  Member                       Non-member

Community Room:                               $1,000.00                          $1,100.00

Not for profit                                             $700.00

Business – Weekday                                 $500.00

Funeral – Weekday                                   $300.00

***Mobel Room can be added to the Community Room rental for an additional member rate of $250.00, (non-member rate of $350.00), entitling the renter to use the room on Friday night for a rehearsal dinner and the day of the wedding.

Mobel RoomRental:

Member-   $250.00                              Non-Member- $350.00


SPECIAL DISCOUNT–  If you book a wedding in January, February or March you are eligible for a $200.00 discount.


Note:  The Rental Rate for 2023 will increase by $100.00 in the Community Room.


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